Our Service Level Agreement is as follows.
1. Availability
We guarantee 99.9% uptime on our hosting per year. If we fall below the guaranteed uptime,
we will give proper compensation depending on the uptime lost – 1 month free hosting in the
case of 1% drop from our agreed uptime.
Note : Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency/Unplanned Maintenance, System
Upgrade/Update/Downgrade, Technical Support Processing and Force Majeure won’t count
towards this availability time. Misconfiguration by user, third-party application usage, and other
application-based settings that is set up by user won’t count towards this too. External attacks
like hacker attacks, DDoS, and other similar events that cause downtime won’t be counted too.
We will monitor the uptime internally and we will not accept third-party measurement.
2. Service Desk Response
We will typically respond within 10 minutes to 30 minutes in the working day (Monday through
Friday on specific timezone (UTC) due to queue, but ideally less than that. On weekends, our
response time will be lower, but we will make sure every queries gets answered (through or email).
3. Incident Response Time
If there are incidents happening, we will respond through it accordingly depending on the
severities. Typically, severe incidents will be resolved within 4 (four) hours. Major incidents will
be resolved within 16 (sixteen) hours. Medium incidents will be resolved accordingly within
three business days. Minor incidents will be resolved within eight business days. Incident
severities are decided depending on the reported categories (which will have references on
other documentation – WIP).
4. RPO / Backup Policy
We have daily snapshots, so in case a total system failure, we will restore it to a specific point
daily on 00:00 UTC+2.
5. RTO
We are targeting for 2-4 hours in case of total system failure, or 8-16 hours if need to propagate
the new domain due to failover (subjected to change as DNS failover propagation differs
between regions and providers).